Successmaker Slime Party

This week, Brocton Elementary students celebrated their accomplishments and meeting their  goals in the Successmaker reading program.  Students who met their end of the year "Gold" level goal were treated to an ooey, gooey but fun slime party in the STEM lab.    There were also drawing for prizes for those who met their end of year goal and also for those who me the time using to the program goal (60 minutes a week).  A grand prize drawing for an iPad was won bu Michael Blake.  Many other prizes were also awarded, such as a robot, STEM kits, and gift cards.  These incentives are funded by the National Education Foundation (NEF) whose focus is helping students grow in reading and STEM skills. 

The Successmaker program we use as part of our  partnership with  NEF is focused on  celebrating gains and growth from where students started.   Students and class of the year were recognized for their personal growth this year.    This year's class of the year with most average gain and growth in the program  was Mrs. Aniszewski's class.  The student of the year was Chimera Burton.  She  made over 2 years of growth in Successmaker reading!   The following students had the most growth in their grade level this school year:

Grade 1:  Gianna Kendall, Ava Hazelton, and Jasiah Molina

Grade 2:  Colton Blackman, Kiarra Link, and Bentley Huber

Grade 3:  Chimera Burton, Ryder Carlton,  Isaac Brady, Joshua Lanski

Mrs. Tamburlin's multi-grade level  class:  Michael DiLorenzo and Hayden Fitch

Grade 4:  Mia Delcamp, Johnathan Lundin, and John Spaulding

Grade 5:  Brennen Feeley, Kevin Houser, and Haylee Carlton