Sandra Kopiczak

The Brocton Central School District has appointed Sandra J. Olson as the Elementary Principal and Director of Special Education

Mrs. Kopiczak's appointment in the Brocton School District became effective February 12, 2010. Mrs. Kopiczak serves as the elementary principal. Prior to her appointment in Brocton, Mrs. Kopiczak had served as a school psychologist in Panama for seven years. She is a native of Jamestown and completed her undergraduate degree at Fredonia State University and completed her graduate studies from Edinboro. She holds a masters degree and advanced certificate in school psychology from Fredonia State as well.

“Mrs. Kopiczak's commitment is evident and her knowledge and manner are an asset to our school and our community,” Mrs. Kopiczak has completed her School Building Leader and School District Leader certification from Fredonia State as well. “I am thrilled to be working with the students, families and staff of BCS. I have truly been welcomed here and look forward to meeting with families in upcoming meetings. This is a wonderful school and I am proud of the commitment we have to provide quality education to all of our students,” Ms. Olson said.

“I am looking forward to continuing to build relationships with staff members and using a team approach in our special education program,” Mrs. Kopiczak said . 

Mrs. Kopiczak has two children and resides in Jamestown. Her son, Adam, is a freshman at Boston College. She is the daughter of Esther Lunetta of Jamestown and the late  Russell Lunetta. In her spare time, Mrs. Kopiczak enjoys spending time with her family, reading and gardening.