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    Brocton Central School Hall of Fame
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    The purpose of the Brocton Central School Hall of Fame is to honor graduates from Brocton Central School, living or deceased, who have distinguished themselves in a specific field of endeavor, in civic affairs, in humanitarian affairs or in activities which merit special recognition. It is the hope of the Hall of Fame Committee that future graduates of BCS will see in these inductees, people worthy of emulation.

    The Hall of Fame contributes toward the development of a positive school environment and celebrates the achievements of Brocton Central School graduates.

    The Hall of Fame Committee is composed of school administrators, staff and community residents.

    As part of the educational celebration aspect of the Hall of Fame, the inductees were introduced to the student body at a morning assembly, spent a day visiting and speaking with classes, attended the Homecoming Pep Rally, rode in the Parade and attended the Homecoming Game to be introduced to the school community.

    The Members of the Brocton Central School Hall of Fame

     Bradley Anderson                                    Class of 1942          Cartoonist, Marmaduke

    Charles Cappellino                                   Class of 1952          Executive Banker

    H. Joseph Remington                               Class of 1964          Food Processing Executive

    Teresa E. Jordan                                       Class of 1971          Educator

    Sheila (Borgstrom) Mullowney               Class of 1987          Journalist

    C. Brian Johnston                                    Class of 1979          Commander US Navy

    G. William Skinner                                 Class of 1942          Agriculture/Legislator

    Betty (Syracuse) Hedgeman                   Class of 1954          Rehabilitation Counseling

    William S. Przytula                                Class of 1963          USA Air Force

    Brenda Hayes                                         Class of 1967          Family Life Educator

    Steven Johnston                                     Class of 1975          Science Educator

    Kenneth G. Keith                                   Class of 1952          Education

    Nina (Mawhir) Woleben                        Class of 1943          Service to Youth

    Robert W. Benjamin                              Class of 1963          Law

    William Westin                                      Class of 1967          Communications

    Grace Krauth                                         Class of 1925          Education

    Chester Burton                                      Class of 1962          Business Education

    Seigfred Fagerberg                                Class of 1961          Health Education

    Marlene Krauth                                     Class of 1985          Packaging Engineering

    The Rev. Jack Marshall                         Class of 1947          Missionary

    Douglas Richardson                              Class of 1962          Humanitarian

    Thomas Syracuse                                  Class of 1960          Administrator

    Dr. Ulrich Bauer                                    Class of 1950          Medicine

    Anthony Cappellino                               Class of 1960          Manufacturing/Engineering

    Dr. John Farver                                      Class of 1977          Scientific Research

    Ruth (Ormsby) Karalus                         Class of 1954          Educational Prof

    Francis E. Lus                                        Class of 1950          Legislator

    Kimberly (Karalus)Patterson                 Class of 1979          Educational Administrator

    David Hazelton                                      Class of 1965          Finance

    Harold H. Smith                                     Class of 1967          Education

    Dr. Russell Spoto                                   Class of 1952          Medicine

    Teresa (Cimasi) Ferraro                         Class of 1958          Educator in Music Field

    Dr. Johnathan D. Hawk                          Class of 1992          Education

    Ruth (Munson) Battaglia                        Class of 1963          Humanities

    David E. Travis                                       Class of 1978          Public Service

    Kevin D. Bremer                                    Class of 1979          US Army Sergeant, First Cl

    Mary Ellen (Schrantz) Westin                Class of 1966          Education

    Stephen P. Zanghi                                   Class of 1976          Juris Doctor

    Michelle (Krauth) Walsh                        Class of 1982          Executive Pastry Chef

    Daniel Schrantz                                      Class of 1971          Community Service

    Daniel Bradley                                       Class of 1985          Military Service

    James Boltz                                            Class of 1957          Community Service

    Matthew Watters                                    Class of 1995          Military Service

    Jerry Boltz                                              Class of 1967          Community Service

    Judy (Remington) Fingerhut                  Class of 1962          Medical, Military

    Jerome Skinner                                       Class of 1970          Attorney, Humanitarian

    Richard Prince                                        Class of 1964          Education

    Derek Gee                                               Class of 1996          Photojournalist

    Mark A. Zanghi                                      Class of 1972          Attorney

    Darren Manzella                                     Class of 1995            Military and Humanitarian

    Kim Lee Shedd                                       Class of 1975            Education

    Christopher Musso                                 Class of 1996            Engineering

    Lucy Giambra                                        Class of 1977            Humanitarian/Musician

    Michael Petsch-Munger                         Class of 1995            Medicine

    Carol Zirkle                                            Class of 1989            Education

    Herbert Janes                                          Class of 1966   
    Ronald J. Bradley                                    Class of 1979 
    Venn Blakely                                           Class of 1972 
    Kathy (Christy) Peters                             Class of 1973



                                                    Brenda Hayes                          Barbara Krauth                       

                                                    Charles Krauth                        Richard Prince                        

                                                    Harold Smith                           Peg Szczukowski

                                                    Mary Ellen Westin