• Supplies
    Please bring the following items to school.
    Underlined items should have your child's
    name on them, not the package, each
    individual item.
    1. Picture of child
    2. Art smock or oversized shirt
    3.Crayola Classic Washable Markers
    4. Back pack (NO WHEELS PLEASE)
    5. 1 box of 24 Crayola Crayons 
    6. 3-50 count packages of 3x5 index cards
    7. Blunt tip Fiskars scissors
    8. Crayola Erasable colored pencils
    9. 1 old clean white, or very light colored pillowcase
    10. 3-3 prong plastic pocket folders
    11. 4-3 in. stryofoam balls
    12. 2-1lb. boxes of canning wax(for Christmas time)
    13. 1 bottle of Elmers glue
    14. 50-8 1/2" x 11" clear plastic page or sheet protectors
    15. 1 box zip lock bags ( sandwich or snack size)
    16. Bath or beach towel (does not need to be new)
    17. 3 large paper grocery bags (one side plain no picture)
    18. 3 Elmers glue sticks
    The following is an optional list of items we use during the year.
    Any of these that you could bring in would be greatly appreciated.
    paper plates, plastic cups, pre-packaged healthy snacks,
    colored printer paper, play-doh