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    New Breakfast and Lunch Prices for 2017-18:


    Breakfast- (Prek-12)   $1.60
     Lunch (Prek-5)            $2.25 
    Lunch ( 6-12)              $2.35


    $.25 All Meals


    Breakfast   $2.27 plus tax
    Lunch $3.81 plus tax

    Menu's for June



    The Federal Government is requiring all schools who participate in the Free and Reduced Lunch program to gradually increase their prices for the students who pay full price to the difference between the price of free lunch and the federal reimbursement rate which is $3.12.
    For the past several years Brocton Central School has been using a debit card system in the cafeteria.  This is a convenience to the parents as money can be deposited in the student's account in advance and parents don't have to worry about sending money with their children each day.  It assures parents that money is being spent on nutritious food at meal time.
    In our busy school cafeteria, this system moves the student through the serving line quickly while accurately counting student meals by type.  Everyone is given an ID card with a unique bar code which they must bring with them.  No one knows who receives free or reduced meals.
    Prepayment can be made at the registers, online at this website, or by sending a check to school.  Accounts can be viewed on the website by entering the student's ID number which is found on their cards.  Students are reminded daily of their account balance. 
    The system, however, is not intended to be used a credit system which means there is NO charging of any kind allowed.
    Money must be on the account before purchases are made.  Please be aware that your child may be denied a meal.