To children and parents of my class for 2018-2019:

    I did not send a letter out this year notifying you about a Meet-n-Greet.  However, I do like to meet you before school starts, if possible.  I will be in my classroom on Thursday, August 30, from 4-7, if you would like to stop in, say hello, and drop off school supplies.  I will also be here on Tuesday, September 4, from 3/4-6.

    You do not HAVE to stop at those times, but it does help with first day confusion if supplies/materials are already here.

    Enjoy your last week of summer!


    Welcome to Ms. Lee's First Grade classroom

    My favorite websites:  starfall.com, raz-kids.com , splashmath.com. , and ReflexMath.com.  Please contact me for usernames and passwords.  You are able to access these sites from home. Sometimes you can access them without this information, but let me know what you need.  The passwords are available through the end of the 2017-18 school year. Check with me if you use the sites and need passwords.


    Reading with your child is a very important  component of your child's academic success.
     Girl reading books

    Welcome to First Grade!  I know this will be an exciting year for everyone.  Children who are new to school can be nervous or scared for the first day or so.  We have few tears in First Grade, although some children have to re-separate from parents. Once the day starts, they usually forget their fears and begin to play. I will let you know if there is a problem beyond this initial phase.
    It is very important that you read with your child every day. They do not need to worry about doing the reading, unless they choose to do so. Just listening and learning to love the process of reading is very important at this time.
    You may ask them questions when you finish: what was your favorite character, your favorite part of the story, etc., to build their comprehension.
    I do expect to send home books to read with your child, and I will let you know when this happens. Please return the books on a regular basis!  Other children will want to read the books also, and I want to see children reading often.
    Thank you! 
    Contact information for me:  email address: alee@broctoncsd.org
    (I Love email messages, as I can answer you any time of day!) You can also leave a voice message on the classroom phone:
    792-2106.  Calling the classroom is not as convenient as email, however, because there is a block on calls during the daytime. Also, we no longer have flashing lights on our phone to warn us of voicemails. 
    Please watch on Fridays for my Weekly Newsletter! Newsletters come home most weeks.  I would suggest that you keep these papers in one place to refer to as necessary. Homework comes home most Fridays and is usually due on the following Thursday. This year, the children who have returned completed work, on time, get to eat lunch in the room on Thursday. It helps if you can remind them to keep homework in a safe place.  I also remind them that it is their homework, not their parents!