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    Physical Education classes meet daily for K-3 and three times a week for grades 4 and 5.
    Pool classes start sometime in October and run through the end of May. Students in grades 4 and 5 meet weekly for pool class usually on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.
     Intramural's is another way students can achieve fitness while learning to play organized sports.  Intramural's will begin mid October and run through February. There is a permission slip necessary to participate that can be filled out at any time- not just the start of the program.  
    Please have your child wear clothing that is lightweight and cool so they may get a proper workout without over heating. Athletic footwear your child can run and change direction in will help them get the most out of the time we spend together!  

    Family and Consumer Science Classes meet daily for 2 quarters.

     This course is divided into two parts that deal with home skills and family dynamics along with safety around the house for 7th grade; and in 8th grade career exploration and research.  
    Seventh grade students will be learning to cut vegetables and cook.  Sewing is a large part of the curriculum as well.  There is a permission slip to use sharp implements that is passed out on the first day.  Parents, please read over and sign so your child may benefit from this fun but focused experience. Family dynamics, nutrition, daily health and hygiene habits are also taught in this class. 
    Eighth grade students are required to participate in a job shadow experience that can be performed at the students and parents convenience.  The only thing that is asked is that all students fill out the necessary paper work whether they will miss school or not; and they fill out the interview work sheet for  the person they are shadowing.  The state requires attendance for this activity.  These forms are always available on the black cart in the front of my room.
    Technology is utilized by both grades in numerous ways that your child will benefit from.  Via reports, research, google slides, videos, and many more applications for home and career activities.  Please encourage your child to become comfortable on a computer even if you are not as the workforce has changed drastically over the last ten years.
     Mrs Gens is available for extra help daily after school on most days and gives (half) credit for corrections completed on time. Extra projects that interest a student are also accepted for extra credit where appropriate
    Looking forward to a fun and productive school year with everyone! 
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    Jane Gens 
    Voice Mail: 716-792-2117
    Email: jgens@broctoncsd.org