Benefits of reading

An invitation for a school-wide art collaboration: 

All students are encouraged to contribute WORDS to a school wide effort aimed at describing the feelings brought on by the pandemic, and the growth mindset they have adapted to thrive during it. Words can be deposited in the high school office, elementary school library, and Heather Banks classroom, room 193.  The words will be used to create a school-wide collaborative word art. 

The Benefits of Reading Aloud:

Reading encourages learning and improves school performance, and getting your child started early will help them for years down the road. It is recommended that parents of younger children read aloud to their child for at least ten minutes a day. Burgeoning readers should be exposed to some form of reading (being read to, read alouds, group reads, etc.) anywhere from 30-60 minutes daily, five days a week. In addition, it’s important to emphasize to young readers the importance of reading for enjoyment over completion, to help instill good reading habits early. Please contact your child’s teacher or the school librarian for more information about the wealth of research on the positive effects of reading on school success and learning. 

Join us as we become a school of readers!