Excelsior Scholarship Information

  • Excelsior Scholarship


    Who is eligible?

    • NYS residents who have lived in NYS for 12 continuous months before the start of the term (most students Fall 2020)
    • Are a U.S. citizen or eligible non citizen
    • Have graduated from high school in the U.S., earned a high school equivalency diploma (GED),or passed a federally approved "Ability to Benefit" test
    • Have a combined federal adjusted income of $125,000 or less
    • Are pursuing an undergraduate degree from a SUNY or CUNY college
    • Be enrolled in a minimum or 12 credits per semester and at least 30 credits per year (most students would need to take 15 credits per semester, or generally 5 courses)
    • Be in a non-default status on student loans made under any NYS or federal education loan program or on the repayment of any NYS award
    • Be in compliance with the terms of the service condition(s) imposed by a NYS award that you have previously received
    • Sign a contract in which you will agree to reside in NYS for the length of time the award was received (2-4 years) and if employed during this time, are employed in NYS

    Steps to Take to Apply:

    • File and complete the FAFSA
    • Complete the NYS TAP application
    • Apply to the Excelsior Scholarship at www. hesc.ny.gov