• Coaching Certification


    Thank you for your interest in assisting the Brocton athletic program.  

    In order to provide quality coaches for our athletes, NYS has established standards required of coaches, volunteer and paid.

    Coaching Requirements for paid and volunteer coaches:

    If you are not a certified teacher, you will need the following:

    Non-teacher coaches are responsible for submitting documentation/certification to BOCES for a coaching license. Please anticipate the BOCES will take 4 weeks to process a license. If you have questions, contact Nancy Burnes at Erie 2 BOCES at 549-4454 ext. 4049.

    Eligibility for professional coaching certification: Coaching licenses are sport specific. A separate license must be obtained for each sport coached. Classes taken and certiciations obtained can be shared between coaching licenses. 


    If you are a certified teacher, you will need the following:

    If you are not a physical education teacher, in addition to the above, you will also need completion of coaching courses within the allotted time frames according to the NYS Education Department. 

    • "Philosophy, Principles and Organization of Athletics in Education" within two years from the date of initial appointment as a coach
    • "Health Sciences Applied to Coaching" within five years of appointment as a coach
    • Within that same five years, complete "Theory and Techniques of Coaching" the sport or sports for you are appointed


    Coaching Reimbursements

    Brocton Central School District reimburses coaches for successful completion of the following required coursework:

    • CPR/First Aid
    • Coaching courses: Philosophy, Principles and Organization of Athletics in Education, Health Sciences Applied to Coaching, and Theory and Techniques of Coaching
      • Coaching courses are appromixately $275, with reimbursement not to exceed $300
      • Coach will enroll themselves, pay for, and complete the course
      • Upon documented successful completion and submission of such, the District will reimburse the coach/volunteer coach ½ the cost of the course taken and completed. (Example: $300 course - reimbursed $150 at this moment in time)
      • Upon successfully coaching one athletic season in one academic year for the District, the District will reimburse the remaining ½ the cost of this course


    Brocton Central School District does NOT reimburse coaches for the following:

    • Fingerprinting
    • Child Abuse course
    • Schools Against Violence in Education (SAVE) course
    • Dignity for All Students Act course