Brocton Athletics Uniform Policy

  • Per the Brocton Central Schools Interscholastic Athletic Handbook:

    "School equipment and uniforms will be issued to participants by the coaches and shall be used only for District athletic practices and contests. At the end of a sport season or when a participant leaves a team during the season, all school equipment and uniforms must be returned to the coach within five(s) school days. Each participant is responsible for reimbursing the District for any damaged or lost school equipment and uniforms. Until satisfactory restitution is made, a student shall not be allowed to participate in any other athletic program or extracurricular activity."

    If any equipment or uniforms are misplaced or not returned within the alotted time stated in the handbook, a letter will be sent to the parent/guardian of the student whom misplaced or did not return the item(s), letting them know they will be receiving a bill for the item(s). A bill will then be sent to the parent/guardian of the student  and the District expects it to be paid in order to replace the missing uniform.