All students must pass the Comprehensive Regents Examination in English to graduate from high school.

    Course:                                English 9

    Number:                              1090
    Length:                                40 weeks
    Grade Level:                         9
    Credit:                                  1 unit

    The goals of the English 9 program are:  (1) to give students a foundation of understanding and skills which will aid in the next three years of high school and beyond.  (2) to help the student realize the relevance of language and literature to his/her individual circumstances, problems and goals.  (3) to encourage the student to continue the enjoyment gained from collective and individual reading and discussion.  (4) to illustrate the importance of accepting responsibility for communicating effectively through speaking, writing, reading and listening.  The freshman year emphasizes the use of critical thinking in reading and writing.  Students will be expected to complete projects, including research, literary response and a writing portfolio.  These projects, as well as homework, notes, quizzes, unit tests and other activities will be used to determine grades.  Participation in class discussions and group activities will also affect quarter grades and will be monitored and discussed with students throughout the year.

    Course:                                English 10

    Number:                              1100
    Length:                                40 weeks
    Grade Level:                       10
    Prerequisite:                        Successful completion of English 9
    Credit:                                  1 unit

    The major emphasis of this course is developing student's desire to read independently by exposing them to a variety of literature. Students learn to analyze a piece of literature and to develop proficiency in the mechanics, organization, unity and economy of words in written communication.  Also, there is attention to the skills of attentive listening and logical thinking necessary for effective written and oral communication.  In this course, students will develop critical thinking skills in order to improve communication and to successfully prepare for the 11th grade ELA State Assessment.


    Course:                               English 11                  

    Number:                              1110
    Length:                                40 weeks
    Grade Level:                        11
    Prerequisite:                        Successful competition of English 10
    Credit:                                  1 unit

    Eleventh grade English Classes are planned to challenge all students and prepare them for the Comprehensive Regents Examination.  All students in New York State are required to pass the Comprehensive Regents Examination in English prior to graduation.  Although there will be preparation for the state exam throughout the year, the evaluation of student work will not be exclusively dependent upon tests.  Students are expected to complete projects, including a research paper, a literature response journal and a writing portfolio.  These projects, as well as homework, quizzes, unit tests and other activities will generate grades, which will be compiled for report cards.  Student participation in class discussions and activities will also affect quarterly grades, and will be monitored and discussed with Students throughout the year.  Students are expected to read a minimum of three novels, one play, a non-fiction book, fifteen short stories and essays.  All juniors will complete a research project during the first quarter marking period.

    Students who pass the Jamestown Community College placement test and complete course requirements will receive three (3) college credits from JCC for English 1530—College Composition.


    Course:                                Journalism 1

    Number:                              1125
    Length:                                20 weeks
    Grade Level:                       10, 11, 12
    Credit:                                 ½ unit

    This class provides students with a variety of opportunities to develop and publish their writings, as well as contribute to the publication of a news magazine, The Brocton Review.  This involves research, interviewing and pre-writing skills, as well as developing the ability to present written work in appealing design to attract readers.  Most of the work is hands-on, giving students the opportunity to achieve both personal and group goals.  Students will learn the fundamentals of newspaper and magazine layout and design, using desktop publishing and word processing.

    Course:                                 Journalism 2

    Number:                              1126
    Length:                                20 weeks
    Grade Level:                        10, 11, 12
    Credit:                                  ½ unit

    Students will have the opportunity to further develop their writing skills in this class which is a writing workshop that includes investigation and research, as well as writing for publication.  The purpose of this class is to improve writing and communication skills.  Students will work at their own level to learn to write in a variety of styles.  This can include literary analysis, review writing, sports writing, as well as news and in-depth research.  A writing portfolio will be created by each student which can be used for scholarship and college placement needs.  

    Course:                                Creative Writing

    Number:                              1121
    Length:                                20 weeks
    Grade Level:                        9-12
    Prerequisite:                        Completion of Grade 10 or permission of teacher
    Credit:                                  .5 unit

    Students will learn and practice the discipline of creative writing in a number of forms, including fiction, nonfiction and poetry.  They will discuss and implement good writing practices such as revision, self-reflection, writing workshop and learn how to incorporate them into non-creative endeavors.  Brainstorming, plotting, editing and strategies to get past “ writer’s block” will be discussed and practiced, and toward the end of the course, students will research and gain insight into options and strategies for publication.

    Course:                                Mythology
    Number:                              1122
    Length:                                20 weeks
    Grade Level:                        11, 12
    Credit:                                  1/2

    Students will explore and learn about mythology from around the world. Various creation myths, stories of heroes, and ideas covered in mythology will be taught and discussed. Students will write their own myth story and complete projects to demonstrate learning and understanding of the course content. Mythology in our society today and cultural influences will also be part of the class discussion. 



     All students must pass the Global History & Geography Regents and the U.S. History and Government Regents.


    Course:                                Global History & Geography 9
    Number:                              2091
    Length:                                40 Weeks
    Grade Level:                        9
    Credit:                                  1 unit

    This course begins the two-year requirement in Global Studies.  The Global Studies program is intended to provide students with a global prospective, to foster an appreciation for a variety of people and cultures, and to increase awareness of the interdependence of nations and people.  Over the two-year program, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe will be studied as well as various global issues.


    Course:                                 Global History & Geography 10

    Number:                               2101
    Length:                                 40 Weeks
    Grade Level:                        10
    Prerequisite:                        Successful completion of Global History & Geography 9
    Credit:                                  1 unit

    This course continues the Global Studies program begun in the 9th grade.  The purpose of this course is to explore the world and to gain an understanding of the various cultures, governments and economics systems that exist today.  The 9th and 10th grade Global Studies program will be evaluated by the Global History and Geography exam administered   at the end of the 10th grade year.


    Course:                                 US History and Government

    Number:                               2111
    Length:                                 40 Weeks
    Grade Level:                        11
    Prerequisite:                        Successful completion of Global History & Geography 10
    Credit:                                  1 unit

    The American History and Government course focuses on American History and the Constitutional Foundations upon which the American political system rests.  Emphasis is placed on social, political, and economic developments in the United States to give the student an understanding of past and present day American society and an appreciation of American democratic values. Students will be prepared for the Regent's Exam in US History and Government. 


    Course:                                 Participation in Government 12

    Number:                               2121
    Length:                                 20 Weeks
    Grade Level:                        12
    Prerequisite:                        Completion of US History and Government
    Credit:                                  ½ unit

    This required one-semester course is designed to meet one half of the senior year requirement for social studies.  The subject matter deals with the national, state, and local political experiences of participating in democracy.  Areas of study covered are government power, interest groups, political parties, public policy issues, decision making and local government.


    Course:                                 Economics

    Number:                               2120
    Length:                                 20 Weeks
    Grade Level:                        12
    Prerequisite:                        Senior Status
    Credit:                                  ½ unit

    This required one-semester course is designed to meet one half of the senior year requirement in social studies.  Basic macro/micro economics are explored.  Students gain an understanding of the important role economics play in a society on the personal, national, and international levels of decision making.


    Course:                                A Psychological Perspective:  Psychology 1

    Number:                              2240
    Length:                                20 weeks
    Grade Level:                       11 and 12
    Credit:                                  ½ unit

    Psychology is the study of the human mind and human behavior.  A psychological perspective will focus on the field of psychology, psychologists and their theories, biopsychology (the body and mind) and developmental psychology.  Students will be applying their knowledge to real life situations through observations, scientific experiments and written projects.


    Course:                                 Applying Psychology: Psychology 2

    Number:                               2440
    Length:                                 20 weeks
    Grade Level:                        11 and 12                
    Credit:                                  ½ unit

    This second semester psychology places emphasis on the systematic and scientific study of behavioral and mental processes of human beings. Applying psychology will focus on learning and cognition, personality, health and adjustment including psychopathology and an overview of psychological disorders and social psychology. This course is designed as an introductory or preparatory course for college level psychology courses.


    Course:                                  World History 1 and World History 2

    Number:                                2151 and 2152
    Length:                                  20 weeks each
    Grade Level:                         11, 12
    Prerequisite:                         Student must score 4 or higher on JCC writing test and 80 or higher on the reading test 
    Credit:                                   ½ unit each

    Students will examine the foundations of major cultures of the world from the beginning of recorded history to the early modern age, including the ancient civilizations of the Near East, Asia and the Greco-Roman world, Islamic cultures, Medieval European society, African and MesoAmerican cultures, and the meeting of Western and Eastern societies to the seventeenth century.  The factual and interpretive content of this course will emphasize the comparisons of the historical developments and the diffusions of the world’s major cultures amid increasing global interconnection.

     Students in this introductory historical survey course will study and evaluate the cultural changes continuities of selected world societies during the Modern Era, from the sixteenth century ADF to the present from a western perspective.      


    Course:                                Sports History

    Number:                              2640
    Length:                                20 weeks
    Grade Level:                        11 or 12
    Credit:                                 ½ unit

    A study of the greatest American sports teams and players throughout history.  The course will focus not only on statistical achievements and unbelievable triumphs, but on the impact sports have on our culture, economy and youth.  Students will be required to complete documentary and movie reflections, player/team biography essays, a variety of research projects and classroom debates to fulfill the class requirements.


    Course:                                History Through Film

    Number:                              2840
    Length:                                20 weeks
    Grade Level:                       11 or 12
    Credit:                                  ½ unit

    A study of history through films with a focus on not only American history but global as well.  The course will focus on major events and warfare throughout the beginning of civilization.  Students will be required to complete movie reflections as well as research how factually correct the films are portrayed.  In addition, students will be evaluated on their participation in classroom discussions and tests on information pertaining to each film or unit.




    All students must pass the Integrated Algebra Regents Exam to graduate from high school.

    Course:                                 Algebra-Common Core R

    Number:                               3091
    Length:                                 40 weeks
    Grade Level:                         9, 10, 11 or 12
    Prerequisite:                        Completion of 8th grade—recommendation of teacher
    Credit:                                  1 unit

    Algebra provides tools and ways of thinking that are necessary for solving problems in a wide variety of disciplines, such as science, business, social sciences, fine arts, and technology.  This course will assist students in developing skills and processes to be applied using a variety of techniques to successfully solve problems in a variety of settings.  Problem situations may result in all types of linear equations in one variable, quadratic functions with integral co-efficients and roots as well as absolute value and exponential functions.  Coordinate geometry will be integrated into the investigation of these functions allowing students to make connections between their analytical and geometrical representations. Problem situations resulting in systems of equations will also be presented. Measurement within problem-solving context will include calculating rates using appropriate units and converting within measurement systems.  Data analysis including measures of central tendency and visual representations of data will be studied.  An understanding of correlation and causation will be developed and reasonable lines of best fit will be used to make predictions.  Students will solve problem situations requiring right triangle trigonometry. Elementary probability theory will be used to determine the probability of events including independent, dependent, and mutually exclusive events.  The final in this course is a Regents exam which must be passed in order to graduate from high school.


    Course:                                PreAlgebra

    Number:                              3092
    Length:                                40 weeks
    Grade Level:                        9
    Prerequisite:                        Completion of 8th grade Math
    Credit:                                  1 unit

    This course is designed for students who need their math backgrounds strengthened so they can be successful in Integrated Algebra.  The course covers the basic topics of Algebra:  number properties, solving linear equations, graphing, statistics and probability, operations of polynomials, right triangle relationships and problem solving.  An emphasis will be placed on building a foundation of mathematical skill for Integrated Algebra.


    Course:                                Algebra-Year 2 R

    Number:                              3093
    Length:                                40 weeks
    Grade Level:                       10, 11 or 12
    Prerequisite:                       Successful completion of Integrated Algebra
    Credit:                                 1 unit

    This course is a continuation of the 2-year Common Core Algebra program providing the skills and instruction necessary to pass the Common Core Regents exam in June.



    Course:                                 Geometry-Common Core R

    Number:                               3095
    Length:                                 40 weeks
    Grade Level:                        10, 11 or 12
    Prerequisite:                        Successful completion of Integrated Algebra
    Credit:                                  1 unit
    A major emphasis of this course is to allow students to investigate geometric situations.   Properties of triangles, quadrilaterals and circles will receive particular attention.  Students will use the traditional tools of compass and straightedge as well as dynamic geometry software that model these tools more efficiently and accurately, to assist in these investigations.  Integrating synthetic, transformational, and coordinate approaches to geometry, students will justify geometric relationships and properties of geometric figures.  Congruence and similarity of triangles wil be established using appropriate theorems.  Transformations including rotations, reflections, translations, and glide reflections and coordinate geometry will be used to establish and verify geometric relationships.  Geometry is meant to lead students to an understanding that reasoning and proof are fundamental aspects of mathematics and something that sets it apart from the other sciences.  This course will prepare students for the June Regents exam in Integrated Geometry.


    Course:                                Algebra 2 

    Number:                              3099
    Length:                                40 weeks
    Grade Level:                        11 or 12
    Credit:                                  1 unit

    Algebra 2 is the capstone course of the three units of credit required for an Advanced Regents Diploma.  This course is a continuation and extension of the two Regents courses that preceded it.  It is a very intense course concentrating on algebra skills, functions, probability, trigonometry, logarithmic functions, complex, irrational and imaginary numbers.  This is an important course for students pursuing careers in math, science and the technical areas.

    The Algebra 2 and Trigonometry Regents exam is administered at the end of this course.


    Course:                               PreCalculus
    Number:                             3120
    Length:                               40 weeks
    Grade Level:                       12
    Prerequisite:                      Successful completion of Course 3
    Credit:                                1 unit

    This course is intended to provide students with a thorough knowledge of college preparatory mathematics.  The purpose of this course is to prepare students for college-level mathematics courses.  Topics covered are derivative (first and second), techniques of differentiation, the integral applications of the derivative and integration and logarithmic and exponential functions.  

    Students who are pass the JCC placement test and this course will earn 3 college credits for MAT 1600 Precalculus


    Course:                                Applied Math

    Number:                              3097
    Length:                                40 weeks
    Grade Level:                       10, 11 or 12
    Prerequisite:                        Successful completion of Integrated Algebra
    Credit:                                  1 unit

    This course will provide the student with the math skills needed to survive in the real world.  Students will learn the skills necessary for success after high school.  Students will complete a series of projects.  Topics include:  checking accounts, savings accounts, loans, automobile transportation, insurances, budgets and credit cards.


    Course:                                Elementary Statistics

    Number:                              3154
    Length:                                20 weeks
    Grade Level:                        11 or 12
    Prerequisite:                        Successful completion of Course 3
    Credit:                                  ½ unit

    Students will investigate various topics in both descriptive and inferential statistics including measures of central tendencies and spread, graphical analysis of data, probability, random sampling, correlation and regression, hypothesis testing and confidence intervals.  Practical applications are emphasized throughout the course.  A part of the course is taught in a laboratory setting using Minitab--a statistical software program, graphing calculators such as the TI 83+ will be used.  

    Students will receive three (3) college credits from Jamestown Community College for Math 154: Elementary Statistics upon successful completion of this course.


    Course:                                Problem Solving with Mathematics

    Number:                              3155
    Length:                                40 weeks
    Grade Level:                        11 or 12
    Prerequisite:                        JCC Accuplacer Reading 80+, Algebra 57+
    Credit:                                  1 unit

    Students will develop problem solving skills through a detailed study of specific problem solving strategies such as drawing diagrams, making systematic lists, looking for patterns, identifying sub-problems and working backwards.  Solution presentations and communication are emphasized. Students will earn 3 college credits from JCC for MAT1500 Problem Solving with Mathematics.



    All students must pass one Science Regents to graduate from high school.



    Course:                                BioScience

    Number:                              4020

    Length:                                40 Weeks

    Grade Level:                        9

    Credit:                                 1 unit

    The content of this non-Regents Biology course is similar to Living Environment.  It does not have the detail or lab assignments required for the Regents exam.  An integrated approach will be used to take student’s understanding from simple to complex organisms.




    Course:                                Living Environment (Regents Examination)

    Number:                               4101

    Length:                                40 weeks

    Grade Level:                         9, 10, 11, 12

    Prerequisite:                        Successful completion of grade 8

    Credit:                                  1 unit

    This course follows the new NYS Living Environment Core.  The major areas of study are: (1) Introduction to Biology (2) Similarities among living things (3) Human Biology(4) Variety among living things (5) Reproduction and development (6) Genetics and heredity(7) Evolution of living things (8) Living things and their environment. There will be two required laboratory sessions per week with an emphasis on the fundamentals of scientific research. The NYS Living Environment Regents Exam will be administered at the end of this course.



    Course:                                Physical Setting/Earth Science (Regents Examination)

    Number:                               4091

    Length:                                 40 Weeks

    Grade Level:                        10, 11, 12

    Prerequisite:                         Completion of 8th grade

    Credit:                                  1 unit

    Physical Setting/Earth Science is a Regents course with five class meetings and one lab period per week. The course is a study of the earth and its relationship to other bodies in space.  It includes Geology, with an emphasis on the changing earth’s surface, Meteorology,  Astronomy, and Oceanography.  Emphasis is placed on developing a detailed model of the earth which is accomplished in an inquiry style of learning and problem solving.



    Course:                                 Chemistry (Regents Examination)

    Number:                               4111

    Length:                                 40 weeks

    Grade Level:                        11, 12

    Prerequisite:                        Successful completion of Course 1 and Biology

    Credit:                                  1 unit


    Chemistry is a branch of science which deals with composition, structure and properties of substances and the various transformations and reactions which they undergo.  It is a Regents course and requires a background in mathematics.



    Course:                                 Physics (Regents Examination)

    Number:                               4120

    Length:                                 40 weeks

    Grade Level:                        12

    Prerequisite:                        Successful completion of Course 3 and Chemistry

    Credit:                                  1 unit


    Physics is a study of science dealing with the interaction of energy and matter.  Study is concentrated in the fields of mechanics, heat, waves, optics, magnetism, electricity, atomic structure and nuclear energy.  3-1-3 students receive college credit when Physics is taken in the senior year.  Various course materials are integrated with Calculus throughout the year.



    Course:                                Advanced Biology

    Number:                               4122

    Length:                                 40 weeks

    Grade Level:                        12 (or permission of teacher)

    Prerequisite:                        Passed the NYS Biology Regents and Chemistry

    Credit:                                  1 unit


    In this class we concentrate on the areas of Biology that study the interrelatedness of life:  Ecology, in particular the human role within the environment, Photosynthesis, Respiration Genetics, Behavior, Anatomy, Physiology, Evolution and Classification.




    Course:                                 Physical Education

    Number:                               9500 (Boys), 9510 (Girls)
    Length:                                 40 Weeks (every other day)
    Grade Level:                        9, 10, 11, and 12
    Prerequisite:                        None
    Credit:                                  ½ unit each year

    This course will offer students the opportunity to participate in lifetime activities, games, swimming, and individual and team sports.  Fitness activities and testing will be covered.  The skills taught will be a continuation of the skills and techniques previously introduced at the elementary and middle school levels.  Emphasis is placed on sportsmanship, teamwork, and the strategies of the game(s).  Written examinations may be a part of some units.  Special attention will be given to lifetime sports and activities.


    Course:                                Health

    Number:                              4510
    Length:                                20 Weeks
    Grade Level:                       10
    Prerequisite:                       None
    Credit:                                 1/2 Unit

    Units are taught on physical fitness, mental health, disease prevention and control, nutrition, safety, first aid and consumer health.  A major goal is to help the student develop a sensible, objective attitude towards health and the personnel and social problems often encountered by youth.  This is a semester course required for graduation and is normally taken in the sophomore year.


    Course:                                Foundations of Fitness

    Number:                              9200
    Length:                                20 weeks
    Grade:                                 11 and 12 (or permission of the instructor)
    Credit:                                 1/2 unit

    This first semester course is designed to give students the opportunity to learn fitness concepts and conditioning techniques used for obtaining optimal physical fitness.  Students will benefit from comprehensive weight training and cardiorespiratory endurance activities.  Students will learn the basic fundamentals of strength training, aerobic training and overall fitness training and conditioning.  Course includes both lecture and training sessions.  Students will be empowered to make wise choices, meet challenges and develop positive behaviors in fitness and wellness. 





    Course:                                Spanish 1

    Number:                              5092
    Length:                                40 weeks
    Grade Level:                        8, 9, 10, 11, 12
    Prerequisite:                        none
    Credit:                                  1 unit

    Spanish 1 is the first step in a sequence of foreign language study.  It provides the vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation that are the foundation for further study in Spanish.  The student will be provided with opportunities to listen, speak, read and write in Spanish.  Spanish culture, history, and geography will be introduced to the student.  This course prepares students with the knowledge to pass the second language proficiency exam and earn one credit toward the high school graduation requirement.


    Course:                                 Spanish 2

    Number:                               5100
    Length:                                 40 weeks
    Grade Level:                          9, 10, 11, 12
    Prerequisite:                         Successful completion of Spanish 1
    Credit:                                  1 unit

    The second year course continues to develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  Students enrich their language skills through the acquisition of increased vocabulary and through the mastery of more involved grammatical elements.  The students are expected  to comprehend more difficult pieces of both the spoken and the written language.


    Course:                                Spanish 3 (Regents Examination)

    Number:                              5108
    Length:                                40 weeks
    Grade Level:                      10, 11, 12
    Prerequisite:                       Successful completion of Spanish 2
    Credit:                                 1 unit

    The third year course follows the format described for Spanish 2.  Students continue to refine their knowledge of Spanish vocabulary and grammar.  The course additionally provides the students with the skill level needed for the successful completion of the Regents Examination given at the end of the term.


    Course:                                Conversational Spanish

    Number:                              5110
    Length:                                40 weeks
    Grade Level:                        9, 10, 11, 12
    Prerequisite:                        None
    Credit:                                  1 unit 

    This course is designed for students who wish to meet the second language graduation requirement and who are not seeking an Advanced Regents Diploma.  Students will learn basic grammar, conversational skills and vocabulary of languages other than English. Conversational Spanish provides students with an introduction to the Spanish language and the cultures of Spanish-spaeking people, placing greater emphasis on speaking and listening skills while deemphasizing writing and reading the language. 



    Course:                               French 1

    Number:                             5093
    Length:                               40 weeks
    Grade Level:                      9, 10, 11, 12
    Prerequisite:                      none
    Credit:                                 1 unit


    French 1 is the first step in a sequence of foreign language study.  It provides the vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation that are the foundation for further study in French. The student will be provided with opportunities to listen, speak, read, and write in French.  French culture, history, and geography will be introduced to the student.  This course prepares students to pass the second language proficiency exam and earn one credit toward the high school graduation requirement.


    Course:                                French 2                     

    Number:                              5101
    Length:                                40 weeks
    Grade Level:                      9, 10, 11, 12
    Prerequisite:                       Successful completion of French 1
    Credit:                                 1 unit

    The second year course continues to develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  Increased emphasis is place on language comprehension and verb tenses.  The student is  expected to understand more difficult passages of the spoken and written language.  In the classroom, French is used as the means of communication.



    Course:                                French 3 (Regents Examination)

    Number:                              5111
    Length:                                40 weeks
    Grade Level:                      10, 11, 12
    Prerequisite:                       Completion of French 2
    Credit:                                 1 unit

    The third year course continues to refine the student's knowledge of French vocabulary and grammar.  The course additionally provides the student with the skill level needed for the successful completion of the Regents examination given at the end of the term.


    Course:                                French Culture

    Number:                              5112
    Length:                               40 weeks
    Grade Level                        11 or 12
    Prerequisite:                       Completion of French 3
    Credit:                                 1 unit

    Course designed to allow students who have taken French through Level 3 to learn more about the French culture and cuisine.





    Course:                                Introduction to Computers
    Number:                              8020
    Length:                                20 weeks
    Grade level:                          9, 10, 11, 12
    Prerequisite:                        Keyboarding
    Credit:                                  ½ unit

    The primary objective is to help students develop a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and applications for computers.  Students will become familiar with MicroSoft Word.  Successful completion of Introduction to Computers is a local school district graduation requirement.


    Course:                                Accounting

    Number:                              8040
    Length:                                40 weeks
    Grade level:                         11, 12
    Prerequisite:                        Good math skills
    Credit:                                  1 unit

    Students will know accounting as it relates to careers, accounting terminology, basic accounting concepts, principles, practices and procedures.  Students should know how to keep the basic books for all types of businesses—sole proprietorship, corporation and partnership.  This course can be used as the third year of math requirement for students who have passed the Math A assessment.

    Students successfully passing Accounting with received 3 credits from Jamestown Community College.


    Course:                                Business Communications

    Number:                              8260/ 8265
    Length:                                 20 weeks each
    Grade Level:                       11, 12
    Prerequisite:                        None
    Credit:                                  ½ unit each

    The purpose of this class is to prepare students for life beyond high school.  Students will explore careers using online searches, visit college campuses and experience a variety of guest speakers from colleges and career areas.  They will also learn how to balance a checkbook, reconcile a bank statement, complete job applications, resumes, cover letter, prepare for job interviews, credit card information, apply for loans (car, student, mortgage, etc.), prepare a household budget calculate pay checks, home rentals/purchase, insurances (car, renter’s, life, home, disability, etc.).  This class may count as an English credit. 





    Course:                                Studio in Art

    Number:                              6090
    Length:                                40 Weeks
    Grade Level:                        9, 10, 11, or 12
    Prerequisite:                        None
    Credit:                                  1 unit

    Studio in Art is a foundational art course that meets the high school graduation requirement in art or music.  Students learn the basic building blocks of art, the elements and the principles of design and apply them through a variety of media.  Studio in Art equips and encourages students to be visually and aesthetically literate through a wide variety of art making experiences.  Techniques in two- and three-dimensional design, painting, drawing, sculpture and ceramics are covered.  A wide array of historical art movements and artists are integrated with hands-on assignments.


    Course:                                Drawing I

    Number:                              6112
    Length:                                20 weeks
    Grade Level:                       10, 11, 12
    Prerequisite:                        Studio in Art
    Credit:                                  ½ unit

    Students gain a working knowledge of fundamental skills and abilities of visual expression.  A variety of media and concepts are explored and students learn how to draw perceived objects and talk about drawing meaningfully.  Students learn and explore a variety of traditional and untraditional techniques to build visual images.  Students are expected to work outside of class to meet course objectives which include regular sketchbook/journal assignments.


    Course:                                Painting 1

    Number:                              6116
    Length:                                20 weeks
    Grade Level:                      10, 11, 12
    Prerequisite:                        Studio in Art  
    Credit:                                  ½ unit

    This course is designed for students who wish to investigate the many aspects of painting.  Students develop skill using a variety of mediums and techniques including acrylics, watercolor and mixed media. Color, composition and related styles of painting are emphasized. Students are encouraged to develop their own subject matter and style of artistic expression as their skill and knowledge progress. 


    Course:                                Digital Art 1  

    Number:                              6030
    Length:                                20 weeks  
    Grade Level:                        10, 11, 12 
    Prerequisite:                        Studio in Art          
    Credit:                                  ½ unit

    Develop and create original high concept imagery related to work found in real careers in graphic design, illustration, animation, and photography.  This is a project based course in which you will learn the basics of industry standard programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.  Build art, design and computer skills that can bridge across all disciplines.


    Course:                                 Digital Art 2 

    Number:                               6035 
    Length:                                 20 weeks
    Grade Level:                        10, 11, 12 
    Prerequisite:                        Studio in Art 
    Credit:                                  ½ unit

    Designed to expand your computer design knowledge to a more advanced level, Digital Art 2 is an extension of Digital Art 1. Student may choose to work alone or collaborate with others to create web-based imagery, motion graphics, printed collateral or focus on computer based illustration. The final grade is based on a portfolio developed throughout this semester-long course. Projects include:  Game concept character design, Covers - CD, phone, laptop; Typography: The Art of the Letter;  Animated Shorts. 


    Course:                                Advanced Computer Graphics 

    Number:                              6230 
    Length:                                40 weeks
    Grade Level:                       10, 11, 12 
    Prerequisite:                        None (Digital Art I highly recommended)
    Credit:                                  1 unit

    Students will be introduced to techniques and processes of creating artwork and graphic design using the computer.  Students will get an overview of electronic image manipulation, illustration and page layout and design.  The focus is on Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign), industry standard graphics programs.  As a high school junior or senior, you can earn three JCC college credits taking this course (and credits may also transfer to other SUNY colleges/universities). 


    Course:                                Ceramics I/Ceramics 2

    Number:                              6130/6132 
    Length:                                20 weeks each
    Grade Level:                       11, 12 or permission of teacher
    Prerequisite:                        None 
    Credit:                                  ½ unit each

    Students are introduced to the use of ceramics as functional pieces as a medium for artistic expression.  Students will gain a working knowledge of fundamental and advanced studio work in clay preparation, hand building, throwing, mold making, slip casting, glaze preparation, decorating techniques and firing techniques.


    Course:                                 High School Band

    Number:                               7501 (7502 if also selecting Chorus)
    Length:                                 40 Weeks
    Grade Level:                        9, 10, 11, 12
    Prerequisite:                        None
    Credit:                                  1 unit, (1/2 unit if taken opposite chorus)

    Band prepares students for individual and group performances as well as NYSSMA Competition.  Class participation and attendance have a great impact on the final grade for this course.


    Course:                                High School Chorus

    Number:                              7401 (7402 if also selecting Band)
    Length:                                40 Weeks
    Grade Level:                        9, 10, 11, 12
    Prerequisite:                         None
    Credit:                                  1, (1/2 unit if taken opposite Band)

    Performs a variety of songs ranging from classical music to pop in several different languages. Class time is dedicated to improving vocal tone as both an individual singer and member of an ensemble. Students have the option of attending the NYSSMA Solo-Festival, All-County and various other festivals outside of school. Two mandatory performances (one in December and one in May)are part of this course each year.

    Course:                                 Technology in Music

    Number:                               7530
    Length:                                 20 weeks
    Grade Level:                        11 or 12
    Prerequisite:                        Permission of instructor
    Credit:                                  ½ unit

    Students will learn how to use a soundboard, lighting board, recording software and microphones to create various audio and visual projects throughout the course of the year.  Students will also have the opportunity to use the recording studio in the band room as well as learn how to run basic lights and sound for a live production.

     Course:                            Musical Theater

    Number:                           7540 
    Length:                             40 weeks
    Grade Level:                     11 or 12 
    Prerequisite:                    Permission of teaher
    Credit:                              1 Unit

    This course is an overview to the art of making, seeing and experiencing theater.  Throughout the course students will develop an appreciation and understanding of the art of musical theater in the United States.  Course content will focus specifically on the origins of musical theater and the development of the American musical through the modern Broadway hits of the 21st Century; the role that props, lighting, makeup, costumes and sets play in the theater; monologue and audition preparation and theater critique.



    Course:                               Introduction to Robotics 

    Number:                              8135
    Length:                               20 weeks
    Grade Level:                       9, 10, 11, 12
    Prerequisite:                       None
    Credit:                                 ½ unit

    This class is designed to give students an introduction to the field of robotics. Students will look at the past, present, and future of automation technology in industry and every day use. Students will receive an overview of robotic systems and the subsystems that comprise them. Students will conduct exploratory experiments using robotic kits. Careers in robotics will be explored.


    Course:                               Drawing and Design for Production

    Number:                              8131

    Length:                               40 weeks

    Grade Level:                        9-12

    Prerequisite:                        None

    Credit:                                 1Credit


    This full year course provides opportunities in the technical drawing and design field. Students will learn blue print reading and engineering design processes. Drawing styles covered will include, but are not limited to orthographic and isometric. Students will then use these techniques to produce projects from their designs. Students will be introduced to different computeir drawing programs such as: ProDesk Top, Auto Sketch, and Google Draw. Students will also be introduced to 3D printing programs that may include xyz printing, Tinkercard and Makers Empire.

    This course satisfies the the graduation requirement for 1credit in art or music.