_____2-3 large packs of pencils (no mechanical pencils please)

    _____ erasers

    _____ 2 glue sticks

    _____ crayons (16-24 pack)

    _____ 1 box of markers

    _____ pencil box or case

    _____ black and white composition notebook

    _____ 2 plain, bottom pocket folders

    _____ box of Kleenex (extra boxes would be appreciated)

    _____ art smock (an old large t-shirt is fine)

    _____ gym shoes will be needed everyday

    _____ back pack

    _____ quart size zip lock bags, or crayons, or markers for shared tub



    · Please do NOT purchase a trapper keeper or a large ring notebook.  There is no room to store these items.  Thanks.

    · In addition, please do NOT send in hand held pencil sharpeners or scissors.  Scissors will be provided and pencils will be sharpened for daily use.

    · Please label all supplies and personal belongings with your child’s (first and last) name.