• Is your child reading a variety of nonfiction and fiction books?
     Questions For Developing Reading Comprehension:
    Choose one or two of the following questions to initiate a conversation with your child.                              

    Where did the story take place? (setting)
    What is the problem (complication) in this story?
    Who is the main character?
    How would you describe (character's name) in two words?
    What does the main character try to accomplish in the story?
    What are the main happenings in order? (sequencing)
    What happened to the main character?
    What did the main character learn?
    What might happen to ______ before the story started?
    What might happen to _____ after the story ends?
    How was the problem resolved?

    First Grade:  Please help your child read daily at home. Have your child point to the words while reading.
    Practice sight words for fluency and go over the math homework for added practice. 
    Second Grade:
    All students should be reading red/yellow dot Accelerated Reader books daily at home.
    For math, your child should master addition and subtraction facts, telling time, adding money,
    skip counting, measuring, reading a calendar and graphs.
    Third Grade:
    Your third grader should be reading yellow/blue dot Accelerated Reader books.
    Chapter books are encouraged at this grade. All third graders are expected to earn 10 Accelerated Reader points per month.
    For math, we should master telling time, laps time, reading a calendar, adding and subtracting money, multiplication, division and fractions.
    It is important that your child memorize the multiplication facts.